What is a Unified Network?


Technology is rapidly evolving and with more companies and individuals adopting tech into their everyday practises, it’s more important than ever to make sure the connection you provide is secure, efficient and reliable. To accommodate this growing demand, Vital WiFi offers a unified network management system to streamline your connectivity needs.

A unified network is much like the railway system. When railways were originally built, companies used varying track widths solely for their own use. However, as rail became increasingly popular and the demand for more frequent lines rose, the choice to use a standard gauge was made, making railways more economical and efficient. As businesses add more network needs to their infrastructure, they should unite them under one unified network.

Just as railway engines cannot deliver passengers and goods without unified tracks; your company cannot deliver unbeatable connectivity services to your guests and staff without a unified network.

Vital WiFi frequently survey the company’s building to make sure all network requirements are met so we can implement a system that manages guest WiFi, corporate systems and additional networks for VoIP, digital signage and security. Considering tech’s rapid growth, it’s not feasible to keep adding a network layer each time new technology is adopted. A unified network addresses all these requirements with one single unified network.


How Can a Unified Network Help?

Connection integration services can benefit an array of industries from retail to care homes. Our solutions are easily adapted to suit the needs of your business. With a unified network, you can consolidate your online services and connectivity requirements into one system, allowing your staff to manage services such as EPoS, CCTV, and video surveillance and IP Telephony services with ease.

Here at Vital WiFi, we can simplify your IT infrastructure allowing your staff to effectively manage and monitor all your online delivery systems, straight from a single console.


Digital Expectations

Long gone are the days where people were impressed with the simple presence of WiFi, happy with the fact they could receive the latest news or check their emails. The digital natives of today demand more; a fast connection that allows them to upload large files, stream on-demand shows and FaceTime a friend without having to run corner to corner for the perfect connection.

This doesn’t even consider the needs of the business! With the rise of AI, Smart Hotel Room technology, as well as systems that rely on network connections to perform daily tasks. It’s important to optimise all your connections securely.


EPoS Systems

For many industries, EPoS is the backbone of the business. It’s critical for them to have a structure that is dependable for both customer and staff. For example, a customer wanting to order a meal through an app involves traffic from the smartphone to a cloud server which then exchanges data with the Point of Sale (PoS) and a payment app, as well as the kitchen ordering system. Now imagine this process multiplied by a hundred with poor connectivity management! Different scenarios have different bandwidth demands to avoid slow servers and errors it’s important for network traffic to be managed.


CCTV and Video Surveillance

Cameras aren’t only for security. When connected to a unified network they become an instrumental part of the operating infrastructure. The benefits of using a unified system span beyond crime detection, such as identifying vehicles, facial recognition and detecting lost children amongst busy crowds. The systems can also enhance database information by visually collecting demographic data and footfall areas for better property management.


Digital Signage

Digital signage offers ultimate flexibility with the opportunity to provide targeted messages and personalisation. Using digital signage that is linked to a unified network can help visitors and customers feel more understood and in turn heighten their customer satisfaction. There are options to display custom messages, important information, and emergency messaging that can be triggered in response to incidents.


Why Vital WiFi?

With a demand for synchronised technology, it’s important you choose a trusted provider for your business’ unified network solution. At Vital WiFi we work with all businesses, from offshore oil rigs and commercial vessels, to luxurious Central London hotels with over 800 guests; we’ve seen it all! Contact us to simplify your network needs and modernise your digital services.

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