Hotel WiFi Systems

Hotel WiFi used to be a luxury for guests. Then it became a commodity for hotel owners to charge as an extra. Now, customers simply expect it – for free. They want to stay in touch with their friends, family, or work with a fast, reliable WiFi connection in your hotel. In fact, many people chose a hotel simply based on whether they have WiFi as standard – it’s that important. The good news is that it’s simpler and more cost-effective than you’d think with our hotel WiFi solution. We already have 250 installations across the UK, covering hotels ranging from 20 rooms to 1,000 – so no matter your size, we can help.


  • Robust infrastructure with access points to cover your entire hotel

  • Complete support from our remote help-desk – even the late-night calls

  • Enhance your brand experience and collect marketing data at the same time

  • Monitors and manages users to ensure a strong and fast connection to your Internet connection

  • Secure and compliant – managing risk to your business from improper use by guests

Happy Guests

As a hotel owner, you want to offer free guest WiFi to attract guests, but you also don’t want another potential reason for a complaint. So, any solution you chose, needs to offer you peace of mind.

Our hotel WiFi solution does just that. It’s robust, secure, and compliant and offers easy access for your guests. And, if they do run up against a problem – they contact us directly, freeing up valuable time for your team.

Vital WiFi | Better Marketing

Better Marketing

When a guest connects to your hotel WiFi, they log in with either their email address or social media profile. Our system allows you to analyse the demographics and habits of your guests.

This not only gives you additional profiling of the types of people who stay in your hotel, but you can also use the information to send opt-in marketing messages through the system itself, or by exporting the data to your own marketing systems.

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