If you have a secure web page set as your homepage (e.g. Google or Facebook), then sometimes on older devices it will not detect this as standard web traffic and may not automatically display our login/splash page. This can an issue with the settings on your device or the cache within the browser/CNA (Captive network assistant).  Upon connecting to the network devices should automatically load the login page automatically allowing you to register or login.

Please try the below:

1. Connect to the network
2. Once connected open your browser and go to login.vitalwifi.com (http://login.vitalwifi.com/)
3. The login page should now load.

If this still does not work please try:

1. Launch the Settings app.
2. Tap Wi-Fi.
3. Tap the info button next to the wi-fi network you want to forget. It looks like a lower-case I.
4. Tap Forget This Network.
5. Tap Forget when prompted to confirm you want to forget the network.
6. Restart your device
7. Open WiFi settings and reconnect to the network.
8. At this stage the login page should open.

Vital WiFi continually monitor our WiFi systems for issues most of which can be addressed remotely; however, it is not always possible to diagnose local signal interference problems without being physically on site. If you are experiencing unusual connection problems such as variable signal strength and slower than normal web page display, please contact us directly so we can diagnose the fault and find a solution. This type of feedback will help us to improve our service and benefit all our customers.

There is no restriction on the use of such devices on our WiFi networks. however their usage may be dependant on the speed being provided via the hotspot in agreement with the venue management. Please be aware that we do not provide technical support for the use of Gaming Consoles or Smart TVs. If a venue has a long stay guest or staff member, unable to access the internet via a games console or smart TV, Vital WiFi is happy to bypass the device providing that the Venue Managers provide us with a written agreement, meaning that the device will not require to be authenticated via the Splash page.

The actual connection speed will vary depending on where the venue is geographically located and the broadband capacity which has been contracted by the Venue management. Typically, Vital WiFi offers speeds of between 2Mb and 10Mb for each connection, however it should be noted that our guest WiFi service is designed for casual internet access, email, and surfing. Whilst the venue broadband speed may be much higher, we sometimes cap the speed of individual users to help ensure that all WiFi users at the venue have adequate capacity.

This is venue dependant and advised based on several factors, not limited too but including the physical remoteness of some site locations and limited broadband capacity. Please check locally with a member of staff who will be able to advise on this matter, otherwise contact our support team who will be happy to advise.

As per the previous section some venues may be restricted to a maximum number of connections per users. If you receive a screen error message saying, “you already have X devices connected”, you will typically need to logout of one of the already connected devices. Typically, you can visit logout.vitalwifi.com in a browser to disconnect, however this can be venue dependant.

Due to the physically remoteness of some site locations and limited broadband capacity, it may not always be possible to stream live audio/video/gaming content however we do not restrict these services unless the venue management have requested us to do so.

When payment is required, Payment is via our Secure Stripe link which is accessed by the Vital WiFi Splash-Page. This link will forward you to the Stripe Payment Page. Payment can be made via your Credit or Debit cards. Please note Vital WiFi do not store any payment details as the transaction is done by the 3rd party payment gateway.

When using the service we always recommend you logout of the system when you are no longer and have finished the session – This is usually done by going to logout.vitalwifi.com.
If you are receiving a message you are already logged in, It is likely you have closed the session without logging out and your device has used mac address randomisation which has created a new address which the router doesn’t recognise OR you are simply using a 2nd device and need to logout of the initial device. We would recommend to ensure you do not experience this issue again that you turn off Mac Randomisation turned on your device.  To Disable MAC Randomization on iOS Devices: Open the Settings on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, then tap Wi-Fi or WLAN Tap the information button next to your network Turn off Private Address Re-join the network To Disable MAC Randomization on Android Devices: Open the Settings Tap Network & Internet -> Wi-Fi Tap the gear icon associated with your network Tap MAC address type Tap Phone MAC

We would not expect this to happen, and we actively monitor all payments made to our system. If this should occur, we will refund the extra payment as soon as possible once we become aware of it. As a precaution, when you’re making a payment make sure not to click the refresh button whilst a transaction is in progress as sometimes (especially over a satellite link) the payment can take a little longer than usual to process and clicking the refresh button can cause these duplicate payments. If you suspect or have been made aware of a duplicate charge for the same transaction, please contact us.

Modern Smart Phones can be data-hungry and especially when the service has been paid for via a data allocation, clients are often surprised about the amount of data utilised. Installed Apps and operating system updates will continue to use data in the background whilst logged into the WiFi network. At the bottom of this page, you will find a PDF guide on how to minimise using your data package allowance.

You can do this via the user profile app which will appear once you have logged into the portal. Simply open the user profile app at the bottom of the page, select usage and connection type and look for the “total credit traffic” section. When logging out of the portal you can also see how much data you have under remaining data.

Generally, the URL used to logout is as below but please check with the venue if in doubt: http://logout.vitalWiFi.com

Vital WiFi take internet security very seriously and our portal servers are installed in secure locations. We take and retain the absolute the minimum amount of data to enable us to provide the service. For example, we utilise a Stripe hosted payment page, which avoids Vital WiFi requiring to store personal data such as addresses and bank details. We utilise a DNS provider, who provide DNS services for millions of users globally and is also trusted by some of the world’s biggest companies. There over 1 billion web sites and our DNS provider works hard in ensuring that all sites are categorised correctly however on some occasions a site may not be, leading for it to be blocked. Content filtering is enabled to help protect the network, venue, and the users of the network. Vital WiFi deploy a default policy for blocking certain categories however sometimes our customers have specific requirements to block certain types of content and specific websites. All content filtering is done at the discretion of Vital WiFi and its customer.

When you initially connect to our wireless hotspot it is required that the connection is unsecure so that you can view our login/splash page. Once you have logged in the connection is secured and connecting to any sites using beginning with HTTPS is encrypted as expected.

If the above FAQ does not answer your question, please do not hesitate to contact Vital WiFi support using the details at the bottom of this page.

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