A Game-Changing Product of Vital WiFi

Fibre-like Internet speeds without the hassle. We’re transforming internet distribution across UK Holiday and Caravan Parks with our dedicated wireless package

What is Parklink?

Brand-new and exclusive to Vital WiFi, Parklink is a game-changing technology that transforms Holiday Park Internet networks – at a fraction of the cost and hassle of traditionally wired fibre services.

You’ll enjoy wireless fibre-like Internet speeds, without the disruption of installing fibre infrastructure.

Vital WiFi | Parklink

Parklink Technology

Historically, wired fibre access has been cost-prohibitive and slow to deploy, and existing wireless networks can be found wanting due to the restrictive 5GHz spectrum which, up to now, has been the best available.

ParkLink™ delivers fast, reliable, wireless Internet with speeds up to 1Gbps and that leverages 60GHz unlicensed spectrum – previously only available via a wired fibre cable.

Cost Effective

Parklink is inexpensive to implement, and cheaper than fixed wireless – and you don’t have to deal with the hassle that wired fibre installations cause.

Faster Installation

Not only is Parklink much quicker to deploy than any wired service, but we can also install unobtrusive infrastructure on existing street furniture or park buildings

Speedy Service

Your guests will enjoy secure, wireless Internet with up to 1Gbps of speed with a 99.99% uptime – and even support will be quicker, with our support team on call 24/7/365.

Streamlined Sales

Target owners and guests with tailored messages to promote sales and upgrades – from part-exchange to first-time buyers, the Sales team can follow up with those who clicked.

Vital WiFi | Expert Service

Expert Service

With Parklink, we’re here to help. No matter what you need, day or night, our team are available to support and assist in any way they can – 24/7, 365 days a year.

Vital WiFi | Fibre Like Speeds


A resilient, high speed wireless network is no longer a luxury in the Holiday Park industry – your guests are used to being connected. Parklink allows them to keep in touch, whenever they need to.


With the introduction of Parklink you can give your holiday guests and owners the best experience possible – including supporting additional business benefits such as new system and API integrations.

Pricing models

Zero Cost to Park Operator

The Park owner pays nothing for the network – instead, we’ll charge caravan and lodge owners directly so they can use the service.

Park Operator Profits from Network

We’ll charge the Park owner for the network and the Park recharges this back to the caravan or lodge owner with a margin (or absorbs the cost as a marketing/operational expense).

Hybrid model

The Park part-funds the network and shares the cost with caravan and lodge owners to keep the costs lower.

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