Case Studies

Vital WiFi | St Giles Hotel

St Giles Hotel

The St Giles Hotel in Central London prides itself on providing excellent guest facilities and a robust Internet connection comes high on the list of demands. We installed a new wireless Internet system with over 250 Access Points that provides all guests staying at the 700-room hotel with fast, reliable, and secure WiFi, in every single room.

Crew WiFi System

Working alongside 4MS Networks in Aberdeen, we helped design and implement a WiFi solution for the crew on a working sea-going vessel in the North Sea. Reliability and ease-of-use were key for the proposed crew WiFi system, as it is the primary communications system that allows the vessel crew access to the outside world during their period at sea, which can be for up 12 weeks. From the operators perspective, the system also needed to be easy to manage and self-funding, which allowed us to design a list of system attributes to meet the demands of the crew and management.

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