St Giles Hotel

Managed Guest WiFi

The St Giles Hotel in Central London prides itself on providing excellent guest facilities and a robust Internet connection comes high on the list of demands. We installed a new wireless Internet system with over 250 Access Points that provides all guests staying at the 700-room hotel with fast, reliable, and secure WiFi, in every single room.

WiFi Service Requirements

  • A user-friendly, secure, reliable, and robust system

  • Bandwidth Management per user

  • Periodic reporting and Revenue management

  • Quick installation with minimal disruption to hotel guests

  • 24/7 guest and staff technical support

  • Subscriber Account management

  • Cloud-based management systems

  • Integrated Firewall

The Challenge

The St Giles Hotel is made up of four individual tower blocks with a lot of concrete in the structures. With over 700 guest bedrooms, we had to ensure the WiFi system could handle the potential number of users across all four buildings without any degradation of service.

WiFi Access Point Coverage

Following the initial site survey, we discovered several gaps in the original network. The existing 200 Access Points needed replacing with upgraded models and relocating to ensure sufficient coverage. We also identified a requirement for a further 50 new Access Points, taking the total up to 250, which enabled us to deliver truly exceptional Internet access at the St Giles Hotel. Now, with better positioning and an average ratio of one Access Point for every 2.8 rooms, we delivered an increase of 15dBM in the guest bedrooms.

Internet Connection

A new 200Mb leased line was installed to cope with the increased demand for WiFi throughout the hotel. This can be scaled up to 1GB if required, offering a robust, future-proof Internet connection for years to come.
Vital WiFi | St Giles Hotel

“WiFi has become the most requested guest amenity in the last few years, and we’re pleased to be partnering with Vital WiFi to ensure our new system allows us to meet and exceed guest expectations. Having a stable system and connection is important to our guests, therefore partnering with Vital WiFi and utilising their network management and guest support, we can stay ahead of the technology curve and provide a reliable service which our guests have come to expect.”

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