About Vital Wifi

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Vital Wifi was launched in 2012, since then we’ve earned the trust of some of the UK’s largest Hotels chains and installed WiFi networks all over the world

Trusted By Major Companies

vital wifi

We work from offshore oil rigs and commercial vessels, to 800 room hotels in Central London, to 3 bedroom guest houses. We continue to work hard year after year to earn the privilege of doing business with our clients. Vital Wifi has decades of technical experience.

Vital Wifi is based in Andover, Hampshire. When we started offering WiFi services, we did so knowing that other WiFi providers all had different reasons for doing so and we felt that our offering is really what hotelliers want. Some providers want the data of your guests, others want to sell your network capacity to the mobile operators, we however simply want to provide you with a managed WiFi service that works at a competitive price point.

We installed our first Vital Wifi system in 2012. Since then, we’ve been used by millions of guests all over the world. We’ve learned a lot along the way, and we continue to push our technology and service standards to meet and exceed guest demands.

Working Around The Globe

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