The Telephone Network: Dialling-up Savings


An effective hotel phone system allows hotelier’s to offer guests additional facilities that add value, while delivering unparalleled customer service, a major differentiating factor in this competitive industry. Traditionally a hotel’s telephone system uses the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) but with a strong unified network, IP (Internet Protocol) telephony becomes a real contender for independent hotels, bringing down costs and introducing new features.

What is IP telephony?

An alternative to conventional PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) telephone networks, IP (Internet Protocol) telephony is where voice calls are converted to data packets and transmitted over an IP network, typically the Internet. The most common application is Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP).

How can the hotel phone system be integrated with the unified network?

If a hotel has a reliable unified network, then it can integrate VoIP with it. The hardware and infrastructure can be hosted by the VoIP provider in secure data centres. In some cases, hotels can host it locally with failovers in place in the event of an Internet outage.

Benefits of VOIP for the independent hotelier

Staff can use handsets over WiFi. Lower cost calls, and integration with PMS (Property Management System) enables more efficient call accounting. With IVR (Interactive Voice Response) every call can be answered and routed efficiently. Phone handsets can be deployed in every room with minimal cost. Unified messaging (email and voice messages in one place) can be offered to guests. The standard wake-up calls, ‘do not disturb’ and personalised voicemail functions can all be automated. Guests can even check-out from their room via a VOIP system.

With a unified network, and robust incoming bandwidth, hotels can enjoy a raft of features with VOIP using a robust unified network.  At Vital WiFi, we do understand that times are tough for the industry at the moment and upgrading your network may not seem feasible. To help hoteliers get back on their feet after the pandemic, Vital WiFi are offering managed WiFi services from just £4 per room, per month. What’s more, we won’t start charging until 3 months after the date of installation, which will be free of charge.

Talk to one of  friendly technicians for more information on our offer and arrange your free installation today.

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