Hotel Chatbots: Get the Message


Hotel chatbot software lets hotels communicate with guests via different channels in real-time, including transactional messages, reply to guests, and manage guest requests. Messaging ‘done right’ utilises the unified network to provide a very smooth customer interface saving time and adding value. With a holistic platform, hotels can increase guest engagement and improve customer service whilst getting valuable key insights into guests’ sentiment.

What is a hotel chatbot?

The role of the chatbot for a hotel is to support and scale customer service teams and redefine the existing guest experience. They can feature within web-based and mobile app platforms and more recently in voice-activated devices and even in robots. Their role is still evolving, but they are successfully responding to hotel bookings and customer service requests and advice.

In Las Vegas, the Cosmopolitan hotel has Rose. A guest can text Rose to instantly receive restaurant and bar recommendations, have amenities like extra bedding delivered to their room, play games, or even receive guided tours around the resort. Concierges and guest services staff handle requests submitted to Rose behind the scenes.

“Whatever the guest wants is what Rose is able to deliver,” a Senior Director claims. Rose “fulfils guests’ needs quicker than it would take you to probably dial a phone number; it’s one of the most convenient ways to get extremely fast service.”

ChatBotlr is another example. Guests can engage with the virtual assistant via SMS from their phone or tablet. They can text service requests, ask for more information on the hotel, and can even listen to the company’s ‘AloftLive’ playlist. Early findings show that two-thirds of Aloft guests are interacting or making requests with ChatBotlr, which boasts an impressive five-second response time.

How can messaging be integrated with the unified network?

Hotels can offer guests multi-channel messaging platforms (SMS, messenger, Email, etc) to message with and integrate with existing systems across the unified network. Apps such as Whistle, Helloshift, Kipsu, TrustYou Messenger and Zingle offer such integrations. Or use voice-activated chatbots on Google, Apple or Amazon devices with a service like Volara.

Benefits of integrating messaging with a unified network

  • Can be used to keep in touch with the staff team as well as guests.
  • Allows guests to contact customer service when they may not otherwise approach a
    staff member. Analysis of messages using AI (Artificial Intelligence) and NLP (Natural Language Processing) can provide user insight and trend analyses.
  • In Oracle’s ‘Creating the Coveted Hotel Guest Experience’ 94% of business travellers and 80% of leisure travellers expressed interest in using smartphones to request service and message hotel staff.

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