Delivering the Message with Digital Signage


Digital signage, when connected to the unified network, offers ultimate flexibility with highly targeted and personalised messaging.

What is digital signage?

Some systems are stand-alone where the scheduler and player are combined into a single system on a linked playback PC. With the rise of the unified WiFi network, most digital signage is now networked.

A networked system comprises three components: a CMS (Content Management Server), a UI (User Interface) and a player. System software can be either on-premise or cloud based but both will be run with a user dashboard and player software.

How can digital signage be integrated with the unified network?

Unlike other older technologies, which often have a legacy system network, digital signage is relatively new and sits perfectly on the unified network.

Most networked digital signage systems run. over the Internet through cabled or wireless connections. Wireless networking includes WiFi and 4G/LTE cellular data as well. In a typical networked system, the CMS will receive connections from users accessing the system and send/receive data from each player. The content may be streamed or more commonly stored on the playback device’s onboard memory, controlled by the CMS.

Benefits of integrated digital signage

Digital signage can help guests feel more in- tune with the hotel. It can enhance the hotel brand, convey relevant features and amenities and help the guest to explore the hotel through ‘way finding’. It is also useful in displaying special messages to welcome groups, events and conferences and can trigger emergency messaging in response to incidents.

When combined with beacon technology, IoT (Internet of Things) and a loyalty app, digital signage can also deliver personalised messages, taking loyalty marketing to a new level.

By identifying a customer through an app on their mobile phone, the software gets a true 360-degree view of the customer’s history, both online and offline. Using this information and predictive analytics, the digital display can show a personalized welcome message and offer them a tailored discount or make an offer right when they are most receptive to seeing it. This takes loyalty programs and other customer retention strategies to the next level by truly providing an individual, personalized experience that cannot be found anywhere else.

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