EPOS: Enabling Unified Payments For The Hotelier


EPOS (Electronic Point of Sale) is the beating heart of a hotel, being the central hub for revenue recording and collection. In an era of ubiquitous technology, it makes sense to integrate as many hotel systems and services as possible in order to deliver even better guest experiences. With so many touchpoints in a hotel, EPOS has to integrate with many other internal and external systems and requires a robust unified network that can accommodate these integrations.

How can EPOS be integrated with the unified network?

Few hotels offer guests a place to rest their heads and nothing more; modern hotels boast everything from room service and in-room entertainment, to a fully-fledged restaurant and bar. The most important part of the unified network – the EPOS – enables payment integration with all the other elements.

Many EPOS systems are now ‘cloud-based’ requiring a robust link to the Internet. Cloud based programs have many benefits including improved efficiency, cost-effectiveness, accessibility, flexibility and higher data security. You can also consider them ‘future-proof’ because tech providers can easily update their products to accommodate the newest developments or add extra integrations. That happens on the cloud, so you get access to these updates as soon as they are live and don’t have to wait for tech support to manually upgrade your system on-site which is often both time- and cost-intensive.

Benefits of integrating EPOS with a unified WiFi network:

EPOS has evolved unrecognisably since Martin Goodwin and Bob Henry created the first point of sale software that ran on Microsoft Windows called IT Retail in 1992.

Today it has to be mobile, interconnected with every other hotel service and personalised. Consequently, many of the broader hotel management software solutions include POS as well as PMS (Property Management System) and other features.

By integrating the EPOS with other hotel management solutions, you are opening the doors to offer your guests the perfect experience. For example, it could potentially allow them to use all services without having to pay separately on each occasion. Instead, everything gets charged to their room and one single invoice is settled at the end of the stay. This will make their experience at the hotel more convenient, and may also encourage additional spending.

In the instance that an error finds its way onto a guest’s invoice, it can be easily and quickly corrected as the connection between a hotel’s services improves communication and staff can quickly find a solution.

Upgrade your network today

Cutting-edge cloud-based solutions which seamlessly integrate and can be perfectly tailored to your business will create a smooth experience guests will enjoy, share and want more of. These solutions require a robust unified network that can accommodate these integrations. At Vital WiFi, we can offer just that. We offer a cost-effective hotel guest WiFi solution that will attract and delight customers without taking up your teams valuable time to administer.

We understand that times are tough for the industry at the moment though. We’re offering free installation to any hoteliers impacted by the Coronavirus crisis, with a monthly fee from as little as £4 per month per guest bedroom*. What’s more, you won’t pay a penny for the first three months.

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