How a Unified Network Can Help a Hotelier


Hotels deal with masses of people day in, day out and keeping up with demands can be somewhat challenging. This needn’t be the truth when it comes to your network infrastructure. Implementing a unified network into your hotel WiFi infrastructure can take the stress away from delivering a secure and reliable Internet connection to your workforce and guests.

As says, “It’s not about keeping up with technology. It’s about keeping up with your guests.” (Understanding the Tech-Enabled Traveller, 2019).

With Vital WiFi, you can take the growing pains out of expanding your network and meeting increasing demands, and instead experience a service that grows with your business. From security to smart hotel rooms, there are many ways you can breathe new life into your hotel. With smart AI and dynamic management systems, your business is supported by one simple service; a unified network.

So, how can Vital WiFi help? We’ve listed some of the ways a unified network can benefit your hotel and the systems you may already run.

Self-Service Check-In

Check-in needn’t be stressful for staff or users. By introducing a self-service check-in system, using tablets and touchscreens that are integrated into the central unified network, guests can easily check themselves into the hotel, saving time and staff resources.

Vital WiFi predicts that the upcoming years will show an increase of friction-free services. For example, providing guests the option to check-in to a hotel using smartphones and identity authenticators such as face and fingerprint recognition technology.

Keyless Door Locks

Make fumbling for a guest room key a thing of the past. Implementing keyless entry systems that are managed on a unified network allows guests to save time, skip queues and access their room faster, improving their initial experience; all whilst saving costs on pricey RFID keycards.

The option to use keyless entry can be made accessible with the use of a mobile app that guests can download off the hotel’s WiFi network. As well as being efficient for the user, keyless entry perfectly complements the self-service check-in system by allowing staff to be allocated effectively, saving your hotel time and money.

Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (IoT) includes embedded sensors, wearable devices and many other everyday items that communicate using a low-powered short-range frequency, all monitored and controlled remotely. Having these connections optimised through a unified network increases efficiency by streamlining tasks such as usage and asset tracking and building maintenance.

For example; simply tracking the usage of food trays can increase efficiency. Instead of having them pile up along the corridors, by combining a unified network with a tracking system, staff will be notified to ensure faster pick up. 

Smart Hotel Rooms

Introducing smart devices to guest rooms can enhance the user experience. Adding functionality and independence with the use of voice control, instant access to amenities information and energy efficiency.

Smart devices include smart mirrors, tablets and smart televisions that are typically connected using the hotel’s network infrastructure, which allows the devices to share data for a personalised approach. As well as adding a personal touch to the guests’ stay, smart devices across hotel rooms allow for better energy usage. For example, being able to remotely analyse the room’s usage and amend the temperature accordingly.

Your Future Network

Gone are the days of layering networks upon networks, often with separate software and hardware resulting in a mired of systems, cabling, and servers. With a unified network, there will be no need for endless hours of maintenance from multiple service providers and an army of IT technicians. Instead, Vital WiFi provides 24/7 guest and staff support and supervises the network remotely to ensure all is running as it should; providing optimal service across the entire building at all times.

Are you a hotelier interested in expanding your services and simplifying your network system? If you’d like to see more of our work, check out our recently completed case study with St Giles Hotel in Central London and Feltham.

Put confusing hotel WiFi solutions in the past and modernise your services with Vital WiFi. Talk to one of our friendly technicians for more information on our services and how to get started.

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