St Giles Hotel WiFi Upgrade


In our technologically advanced society, delivering unbeatable WiFi is a must for businesses. From modern management and security systems to a lightning-fast Internet connection; companies across the globe are continuously improving their network infrastructure to meet increasing demands.

St Giles Hotel is a bustling Central London complex that prides itself on providing outstanding guest facilities and strives to deliver a robust Internet connection that can accommodate the needs of both guests and staff. In order to meet these demands, Vital WiFi has been working with St Giles Hotel to make improvements to their service. We have recently completed their second upgrade across their London and Feltham sites, totalling over 1,100 bedrooms and 10 conference rooms with the capacity for up to 500 delegates, using over 400 Access Points.


Built for Hospitality

With so many guests passing through on a daily basis, St Giles Hotel required a WiFi service that is user-friendly and reliable. As well as access to management systems and quick installation that resulted in minimal disruption.

With the Central London building consisting of over 700 guest rooms and their Feltham property with over 400, it was important to implement a network structure that could handle the huge potential number of users. Therefore we chose to work with Ruckus Networks, to avoid degradation of service. As a Managed Service Provider, this allows us to scale the network and future-proof the hotels for years to come.

We installed over 400 Ruckus Access Points across the 2 properties and quickly saw the benefits of improved coverage for guests. As well as additional services being implemented for staff, improving efficiency. In addition to improved coverage, the Internet connection was updated to 1GB; offering a robust solution that can handle the increased demand for Internet access. By updating the systems and the Access Points across both sites, St Giles Hotel can now deliver exceptional WiFi throughout the buildings, without compromising on speed.

In addition to these significant updates, we continue to monitor their systems and supervise the network remotely. We ensure it is operating as it should, including failover facilities. Here at Vital WiFi, we offer 24/7 guest and staff technical support and an integrated Firewall. We take the stress out of WiFi management, minimising down-time and significantly reducing security threats.


The Partnership

Paul Boundy, IT Manager at St Giles Hotel, said “We’re pleased to be partnering with Vital WiFi to ensure our new system allows us to meet and exceed guest expectations. Having a stable system capable of handling our networking requirements at peak times with a robust connection is important to our guests. Utilising their network management tools and guest support gives us live information on what is happening on our networks with valuable data analytics; meaning we can stay ahead of the technology curve and provide a reliable service for our guests.”

Joe Burnell, Managing Director of Vital WiFi, said “I’m proud of the team here at Vital WiFi for delivering a complex project across multiple properties. With so many guest bedrooms and new equipment being installed we had to ensure the hotel could continue operating seamlessly, whilst minimising the disruption to guests. The new system installed will allow St Giles Hotels to introduce new applications to the benefit of both staff and guests, knowing they already have the infrastructure in place to deal with the requirements.”


Discover Vital WiFi for Yourself

We were honoured to be asked back to St Giles Hotel to continue their network development across a number of their sites. We relish the opportunity to take on more projects like this in the future.

Do you have large scale WiFi needs or are you looking to upgrade your current systems? Contact us and talk to one of our technical specialists or head over to our Case Studies to see more of what we do at Vital WiFi.

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