Half Price Ekahau Survey with Vital WiFi


Over the years, Vital WiFi have installed WiFi solutions in a range of properties with varying challenges, from off-shore rigs to large concrete buildings. To celebrate we’re offering 52 half price Ekahau Site Surveys to hotels across the UK throughout 2020; that’s one for every week of the year!

What is an Ekahau Survey?

Ekahau is a professional tool that allows our surveyors to quickly and effectively analyse your hotel’s layout and structural features to design a WiFi network optimised for your requirements. Ekahau is incredibly accurate, allowing us to comprehensively plan for optimal coverage and capacity across each floor and every room.

As well as in-depth analysis and planning, an Ekahau survey will allow us to review your network, so we can easily see and solve issues such as network failures, coverage holes and malfunctioning hardware, keeping your network running seamlessly at all times. With Ekahau, we provide you with full reports, so you can see the usage, performance and network health throughout your hotel.

Do I Need an Ekahau Survey?

Do you often suffer from slow Internet? Or are your guests complaining about unreliable network connection? Keeping up with your hotels’ WiFi demands can be challenging and it’s important to implement a well-designed network infrastructure. With a more reliable network, you can reduce the time and costs spent on Internet downtime and IT troubleshooting and spend more time delivering high-quality service to your guests.

A strong Internet network is crucial for the growth of any hotel, especially when it comes to implementing a unified network for better network and connection management. Want to find out how a unified network can help a hotelier? Discover more in our latest article.

How Do I Get a Half Price Ekahau Site Survey?

To claim your half-price site survey, contact us! The offer is only available for 52 hotels that are located in the UK only. Your half-price survey will need to be claimed by 28th February 2020 and redeemed by the 18th December 2020. The offer is first-come, first-serve so be quick to avoid disappointment.

For more information, get in touch with a member of our friendly team. Want to learn more about why a site survey is important? We have a downloadable brochure that highlights points that are covered by an Ekahau survey. Terms and conditions apply.

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