What You Need to Know About WiFi Data Collection


Keeping personal data private is important. That’s why here at Vital WiFi, we provide an end-to-end network solution that protects your hotels’ WiFi network. We ensure legal compliance and only collect data that can be used to benefit the user.

What This Means for Your Hotel

With a high number of users passing through daily, it’s possible for a hotels’ WiFi network to collect a large amount of data over its entire lifetime. Making use of this data, whilst complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), is a great way to improve user experience in your hotel.

At Vital WiFi, we do not sell collected data in any way, ever. With this data, you can better understand your individual guests and their network use, allowing you to improve your marketing and communication.

How This Data Can Be Used

Understanding your guests allows you to communicate using targeted emails, text messages and social media adverts. By offering promotions, loyalty discounts or last minute deals that are unique to them and their relationship with your hotels’, you’ll be able to pique their interest, encourage engagement and increase customer retention.

There are various requirements that need to be met under GDPR laws in order to be legally compliant. By using a Vital WiFi network solution, you can be assured that you meet all these requirements, such as data retention, copyright infringement and illegal online activity prevention.

Honest Data Management Begins with Vital WiFi

Vital WiFi is a managed service provider. This means we work on behalf of your hotel to provide a high-quality service, with no hidden agendas. Get in touch with our expert team to talk about your hotels’ data management and WiFi network.

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