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We have reached that moment in time when Wi-Fi is not longer a 'nice to have' for customers. It's a necessity. So, why not take control?

When it comes to the way people use the Internet, people are divided. But, the fact of the matter is, your customers and your staff have come to expect 24/7 access without compromise. What if there was a public Wi-Fi solution that didn't cost your business the earth, was managed remotely by an external partner (including supporting your end users 24/7) and allowed you to create a new marketing channel with excellent demographic information for sending promotions and campaigns? We have Public Wi-Fi Networks running in hotels, restaurants, pubs, shops and sports clubs to name a few. Not to mention off-shore Wi-Fi solutions for companies offering remote employees access back home.

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Your customers are really only interested in things that matter to them. So, what if you could understand more about the people who actually visit your business?

Our Wi-Fi solutions collect data and allow you to send targeted messaging to the people using your connection. Find out more about the marketing capabilities.


We offer a wide range of hardware solutions when specifying a Wi-Fi solution, including leading manufacturers such as Ruckus Wireless, Cisco, Mikrotik, Ubiquiti and many more.

All Vital Wifi solutions are built according to our customer requirements and any budget considerations, balancing the need to utilise the latest Wi-Fi technology available.

Guest Technical Support

When your guests have technical issues, we’re here to help any time, day or night. With Vital Wifi, you’ll always get 24/7 remote guest support from pour knowledgeable team, who are trained and focused on helping your guests getting back online quickly and easily.

This allows you to run your business, while we run your Wi-Fi.

Remote Monitoring

Our Wi-Fi networks are managed via the cloud, which means we can fix them before you know there's an issue.

All parts of a Vital Wifi network are accessible by our team both day and night, and, if something isn’t working as it should, our monitoring alarms notify us immediately. This allows us to proactively resolve issues before your guests have even noticed.

Legally Compliant

There are a number of legal requirements to bear in mind when providing public Wi-Fi and we ensure you are covered from a legal standpoint.

We take on the responsibility by making your network legally compliant to cover the many legal implications that need to be considered, including data retention, copyright, illegal content and many more. Find out more.

“Wi-Fi has become the most requested guest amenity in the last few years and we’re pleased to be partnering with Vital Wifi to ensure our new system allows us to meet and exceed guest expectations. Having a stable system and connection is important to our guests, therefore partnering with Vital Wifi and utilising their network management and guest support, we can stay ahead of the technology curve and provide a reliable service which our guests have come to expect”

Anit Popat

Vice President - Sales & Marketing of St Giles Hotels

Technical Information

At Vital Wifi, we pride ourselves on building a solution that meets your requirements, that's why we've built our systems to be flexible. Below is a summary of some of technical information regarding the service we provide.

  • White label. Our portals our built for your brand, not ours.
  • Social Integration; Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Google are all available for you to integrate with, giving you social marketing and engagement.
  • Hardware agnostic. We work with Cisco, Ruckus, Meraki, Mikrotik and many more.
  • Bandwidth Management: Control your bandwidth by managing user access and monitor how much data your guests are using.
  • Network Monitoring: All hardware used on our networks are monitored 24/7/365. Our customers have access to this portal too.
  • Reporting: Create and downloads reports about your network. Whether it's guest information, technical data or financial reports, all data is there for you to use.
  • Login Options: We provide many different options for customers to login, rest assured whatever you choose we'll keep you legally compliant.
  • Cloud Based: Our portal is cloud based allowing you to access it at any time and take advantage of the marketing data available.
  • Payment Options: Take online payments for WiFi usage by integrating with your own Paypal or WorldPay accounts.
  • PMS Integration: Have your guests login by entering their surname and room number on the login page.

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