Revolutionary wireless technology changes everything for Holiday Parks

  • 60 GHz wireless technology delivers gigabit speeds to satisfy the expectations of post-COVID always-online staycation visitor.
  • Enterprise-grade security, fast deployment and low-cost installation

ANDOVER, UK, 07 April 2021  Outdoor WiFi specialist, Vital WiFi, has launched ParkLink™ (, a game-changing Internet distribution technology that offers affordable, park-wide gigabit high speed Internet to caravan parks, camping and Holiday Parks. This revolutionary wireless technology enables larger holiday parks to compete with the more compact venues by satisfying the increased demands of visitors that now expect ubiquitous fast Internet wherever they go – especially while on staycation.

ParkLink™ from Vital WiFi ( is a “Direct to Van” wireless package for Holiday Parks that provides fibre-like speeds at an affordable cost of ownership with a fast deployment but without the disruption of installing fibre infrastructure.

Until now, parks have had to settle for modest speeds using wireless coverage on 5 GHz spectrum.  ParkLink™ uses the latest technical standard 802.11ay and 60 GHz spectrum to deliver a symmetrical, fast and reliable Internet wirelessly with limited degradation at speeds previously only possible via a hard-wired fibre cable.

“For Holiday Caravan Parks to retain and attract visitors they need to offer superfast, resilient wireless Internet,” says Joe Burnell, Managing Director at Vital WiFi. “The traditional Caravan and Holiday Park visitors’ habits and needs are changing with more essential leisure services now deployed online. A side effect of the CV19 pandemic has been to accelerate the adoption of online services for the older demographic. This means that Parks that fail to offer a robust, fast network may lose customers, especially as their future growth will come from the current 25-40 year old generation, who expect to be online 24/7.

To truly compete in the hospitality sector, Holiday Parks must invest and deploy better ‘hospitality tech’. This will require a robust network to run booking systems, integrated EPOS, predictive maintenance controls, smart security and a plethora of management systems all of which need to update online in real-time.  The hotel industry has enjoyed a headstart due to the nature of their environment, and previously the laying of fibre cables hasn’t been a cost-effective option for holiday parks dispersed over a wide rural area.

“ParkLink is set to change everything,” says John Bunn former Managing Director of award-winning Bunn Leisure and Non-Executive Director at Vital WiFi. “I can’t stress enough how vital it has become for holiday parks to have a highly resilient and robust internet network!”

“ParkLinkoffers a network backbone for delivering essential services to caravan owners and visitors and will be an invaluable tool for the successful management of a park. Internet infrastructure should not be viewed as a cost, but rather a great way of adding value to existing offerings whilst competing with the hotel industry which already enjoys a highly developed eco-system of Internet solutions for guests and efficiencies for owners.”

“The true benefit of ParkLink™ is not just about enabling guests to stream Netflix wherever and whenever they want, but it is also about providing the platform to manage the entire online hospitality offering and modern marketing structures.  To provide symmetrical multi-gigabit performance (up and down), is an especially critical requirement in today’s work-from-home environment,” adds Burnell.

This technology “fundamentally shifts the economics of WiFi and fixed wireless infrastructure for urban, suburban, rural, industrial and enterprise environments[1],” says Atul Bhatnagar, President and CEO of Cambium Networks, the leading global provider of wireless solutions working with Vital WiFi to deliver ParkLink™.

Trends indicate UK families are choosing the staycation option for their immediate holiday needs, and will be drawn to places that offer a robust Internet network.

Vital WiFi has a dedicated team servicing the Caravan Holiday Park sector, with 12 years’ experience in deploying wireless solutions to over 2000 venues guided by some of the UK’s best-known names in the Caravanning industry. The launch of ParkLink™ coincides with the recent appointment of John Bunn as Non-Executive Director and follows David Riches joining the team as Technical Director who is arguably the most experienced installer of wireless networks to the holiday park sector.

For further information contact Joe Burnell: 0333 3583 111

ParkLink is a trading name of Vital WiFi. Unit 37, Walworth Enterprise Centre, West Way, Andover, Hampshire, SP10 5AP


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