Allenbrook Nursing Home Complete Coverage Installation


Allenbrook Nursing Home, Birmingham is a lively care home with a growing need for reliable, expandable unified network and improved network coverage.

Our expert team have recently completed work, installing full cabling infrastructure to support their wireless network, as well as Cisco switches and Cambium Network Access Points to provide end-to-end coverage throughout the home.

To support the installation, Vital WiFi installed a 100MB leased line and a unified network for better network management and multiple network channels. Installing a 100MB line gives the care home space to grow and expand their Internet needs without compromising on speed and reliability.

With a complete network upgrade, staff can utilise digital applications that allow them to store and update resident records electronically, encouraging a paperless system.

By upgrading their care home WiFi, Allenbrook Nursing Home are able to enhance the quality of life for their residents. With access to the Internet, residents can connect with friends and family using social network services. Introducing these activities into their routine can greatly reduce isolation and loneliness, improving their overall well-being.

With a unified network, Allenbrook can provide a separate network channel to host Guest WiFi which has been known to encourage more visits from friends and family.

With a scalable network, Allenbrook can introduce voice assistant technology into their home, reducing strain on staff and further improving their elderly residents’ well-being, from alerting to falls to reminiscing to music. View the Care Home section of our blog to learn more of the benefits of voice assistants in care homes.

Now, Allenbrook have a stable Internet connection and complete coverage, all managed on a unified network, they’re able to utilise applications and products that improve the day-to-day life for both staff and residents.

Want to improve your nursing home’s WiFi or are you interested in introducing technology into your care home? Contact our friendly team and book for your site survey.

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