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Our WiFi solutions are used in a number of hugely varied sectors, including offshore vessels and rigs, hotel chains, holiday parks, cruiseships, pubs and retail.

Offshore WiFi Systems

Keep your crew in touch with home, with a robust WiFi solution to cover your platform or ship.

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About Vital WiFi

Our internet solutions have been used by millions of guests, all over the world. Launched in 2012 and with decades of technical experience, we’ve earned the trust of some of the UK’s largest companies across various sectors, including Hotel chains, Holiday Parks, offshore oil rigs, commercial vessels, and the hospitality & retail industries.

Our promise to you is that we’ll provide an unparalleled managed WiFi service that just works – at a cost that works for you.

Vital WiFi | Parklink


Keep your guests happy with Parklink. A dedicated wireless package for Holiday Parks that provides fibre-like Internet speeds at a significantly lower cost than traditionally installed infrastructure.

Vital WiFi | Services


We offer a variety of tailored services to consumers that ultimately enrich the end-user experience – from a fully managed service, through to WiFi, Connectivity, Consultancy and Surveys.


Gain a better understanding of your customers. Use your Public WiFi Hotspot as an advanced marketing platform by tracking new and returning costumers to your venue in real-time.


  • Offshore

    Keep crew morale high with our robust WiFi solution for offshore vessels – perfect for shops and offshore rigs, including VOIP options.

  • Holiday Parks

    Ensure your onsite guests have fast, high-quality access to the outside world whilst on enjoying their holiday time away.

  • Hospitality & Retail

    Offer an effective guest WiFi solution that enhances customer experience and provides marketing insights without taking up valuable time.

What our Clients say

Anit Popat
St Giles Hotels

We’re pleased to be partnering with Vital WiFi to ensure our new system allows us to meet and exceed guest expectations. Having a stable system and connection is important to our guests. Utilising their network management and guest support, we can stay ahead of the technology curve and provide a reliable service for our guests.

Matt Nicol
Thai Inns

We’ve been using the Vital WiFi system for 2 months now and it is a great way of building relationships with my customers. The data analytics give me an insight into what my customer’s interests are and I can use that information when creating my automated marketing messages. I would highly recommend Vital WiFi to any landlord.

Hugh Mackay
4MS Networks

Our partnership with Vital WiFi is extremely important to 4MS Networks. They share our focus on providing high-quality solutions coupled with excellent customer service. Their adaptability and a shared focus on giving our clients a great service has allowed us to scale the crew WiFi solution right across our energy industry client base.

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