Student Accommodation WiFi Solutions

vital wifi

We offer a cost-effective guest WiFi solution for student accommodation and student housing.

Student Accommodation WiFi Systems

vital wifi

Your students need WiFi and you need a system that is robust and easy to manage.

Students in your accommodation rely on the Internet for course work, access to information, not to mention social media and staying in touch with family and friends. Our guest WiFi solution has a wide range of implementation models depending on how you offer WiFi to your resident students. Free guest connections or a pay-per-use model keep you firmly in control of compliance, usage and users.


vital wifi

Easy to install and easy to manage.

Robust infrastructure with access points to cover your accommodation block.
Secure and compliant - managing risk to you from improper use.
Monitors and manages users to ensure a strong and fast connection to your Internet connection.
Create a pay per use model to recoup system costs.