Looking for a WiFi Partner?

vital wifi

We work with IT companies, designing, installing and supporting bespoke, white labelled guest WiFi solutions.

Experienced Guest WiFi Specialists

vital wifi

We have the understanding and experience to deliver fast, efficient guest WiFi systems for your customers.

Outsourcing to specialists is a reliable business model when you have the right partner - especially in the world of technology. A project can be delivered faster, more efficiently and very often cheaper when an expert team are involved who have a proven track record. We work with IT companies, facilities management companies and technology resellers who utilise our expertise to extend their customer relationships (and revenue) by offering design, installation and support for guest wi-fi solutions.


vital wifi

We make the ideal partner for your guest WiFi solutions.

Experienced team of wi-fi system designers and engineers.
Direct support from our remote help-desk - even the late night calls.
Services priced to safeguard your profit margins.
Installations across a wide range of sectors including large hotels and offshore facilities.
Enhance your service offering to clients with our specialist services.
Trusted partnerships - we only do guest wi-fi!