WiFi for Pubs & Bars

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Offer your customers free Public WiFi and collect their details for marketing at the same time to send offers and deals.

Bar & Pub WiFi Systems

vital wifi

People have come to expect free WiFi. Why not make the most of your investment with our combined marketing solution?

Patrons to your bar or pub want fast and easy access to the Internet. Perhaps they want to check up on social media, check-in or chat with their friends online. So, why not let them with our easy WiFi solution for pubs and bars. It's easy to install and lets your customers connect straight away with an email address or their social profile (such as their Facebook ID). When they have connected, they have instant access to the Internet and you have information that can be tailored for marketing to them in the future.


vital wifi

Easy to install and maintain, our Public WiFi system will give your customers easy access to the Internet while you manage your business.

Robust infrastructure with access points to cover your entire bar areas and gardens.
Complete support from our remote help-desk.
Enhance your brand experience and collect marketing data at the same time.
Monitors and manages users to ensure a strong and fast connection to your Internet connection.
Secure and compliant - managing risk to your business from improper use by customers.

Happy Customers

Happy customers stay longer and spend more. So, why not offer them free WiFi in your pub and allow them to stay in contact with the world? They can share where they are, help promote your business and talk about their experience. For them, free WiFi is something they expect. For you, it's new way to market your offers and deals.

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Better Marketing

When a guest connects to your pub WiFi, they log in with either their email address or social media profile. Our WiFi system allows you to analyse the demographics and habits of your visitors.

This not only gives you additional profiling of the types of people who visit your pub, but you can also use the information to send opt-in marketing messages through the system itself, or by exporting the data to your own marketing systems. This includes emails, social media messages and text message marketing.