Fast, Secure WiFi for your Cruise Ship

vital wifi

We offer cost-effective WiFi solutions for crews and passengers.

Cruise Ship WiFi Systems

vital wifi

Keep your passengers and crew connected, with a robust WiFi solution to cover your cruise ship.

One of the key benefits from installing a WiFi system on your cruise ship is to keep your passengers in contact with the outside world and enhance their experience whilst on their cruise. The crew will also benefit as having access to the Internet whilst working away from home for long periods of proven to boost morale. We have WiFi installations many vessels that are robust enough to manage the numbers of users without compromise. With access points placed strategically around your cruise ship, we can ensure all your passengers can benefit. What's more, we support and maintain the system remotely so you don't need to worry about ongoing issues that may occur with crew access. The network is built with redundancy in mind to avoid any downtime.


vital wifi

A complete managed service for cruise ship WiFi

Reliable, uninterrupted high-speed connectivity to Internet, voice, text and data.
Various commercial options, including revenue share.
Improve customer satisfaction with access to live sports, movies and other online applications.
Monitors and manages users to ensure a strong and fast connection to your Internet connection.
Secure and legally compliant - managing risk to your organisation from improper use by guests.
Cruise ships can offer Free or paid WiFi - or a combination of both.
Built-in redundancy to ensure network uptime.
Robust infrastructure with access points to cover your entire cruise ship.
Complete support from our remote help-desk - 24/7/365.
Enhance the wellbeing of your passengers and crew, allowing them to stay in touch while away from home.